Inspire Guam was a Success

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Earlier this week my team and I along with our local community gathered to listen to passionate creators and innovators share their solutions one story at a time.

We are so grateful for the support we received from our sponsors, speakers and our community. Diving in, we knew that this was quite the endeavor given we only had weeks of planning and that this was our first event of this nature. With extraordinary teamwork and support from you all, we were able to share an invaluable learning experience with people of passion across industries.

Inspire Guam was very rewarding for many reasons, mainly the reassurance that we are working towards a common goal and can find ways to work together to achieve greatness. We are proud to be a part of bringing together our digital community of local entrepreneurs to inspire others by offering a platform for people to connect, share, create, and grow for the betterment of our island.

If you missed our first Inspire Guam, please join us for the next one. Whether you'd like to join our team, become a sponsor, or help inspire Guam by being a speaker we'd love to work with anyone and everyone who is ready to take on our mission:


Inspire Guam aims to connect creative minds with the movers and shakers to share valuable insight, to equip them with tools they need in this age of digitalization, to spur progressive ideas, and to ignite a culture of entrepreneurship.

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